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Lil Bean


School Project


October 2016


Design | Branding | Code

About client

Lil Bean is a coffee and tea shop that sells coffee and tea products online.

Project goals

To develop a website where the customer could view coffee and tea products and then could purchase those products using PayPal.

Creative solutions

I developed a custom content management system to allow the owner of the website to add, change, or delete products on the website. The products the owner adds would then be dynamically populated to the respective shop page for the correct type of product. I also gave the owner the functionality to set a product as ‘Out of Stock’ where the product wouldn’t be deleted from the website, but the user would not be able to add that product to their cart.

I also developed the site to allow users to create their own accounts. The user would need an account to purchase a product on the website. Once the user found a product they would like to purchase they can click the add to cart button and the product would be added to that accounts cart. When the user is ready to check out they can go to the ‘My Bag’ section where they can get a preview of the products in their cart. When they are ready they can then check out and pay for their products through PayPal.



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