School Project


June 2017


Design | Branding | Development

About client

Pyro is a build-your-own pizza shop style restaurant.

Project goals

To develop a brand and website where customers could view and purchase pre-built or customized pizzas online.

Creative solutions

I developed a custom built content management system with an admin interface to allow the owner of the website to add, delete, or change pizzas, toppings, and accounts on the website without confusion and ease. That information would then be dynamically populated to the menu page to showcase what Pyro offers.

I then began to develop the online ordering section of the website. To build the order online section, I used WordPress and WooCommerce. I built a theme from scratch and styled it to match the branding of the main website. I then set it up so users could choose what type of pizza they would like purchase and add it to the cart. From there they could check out using PayPal, and the owner of Pyro would get an email saying a product was purchased.



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