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Slateview Brewing Co.


School Project


June 2017


Design | Branding | Development

About client

Slateview Brewing is a brewing company located out of Delta Pa.

Project goals

To develop a brand and website where customers could view the types of beers Slateview Brewing offered and what events they had coming up.

Creative solutions

I developed the Slateview Brewing website using WordPress to allow the owner to add, delete, or change information on the website like beers and events. I began by creating a WordPress theme from scratch and developed it to match the branding guide of the company, as well as, developed it to be easy for the owner to use.

The beers would be dynamically populated to the beers page and the most recent beer populated to the homepage. I then did the same thing for the events, where they would be dynamically populated to the events page and the two most recent events would be populated to the homepage.

I decided to take inspiration from the roots of Delta when developing the branding. The dragon on the logo is a representation of the Welsh dragon. The reason for this was because the Welsh were the founders of the town of Delta. The colors for the logo were then chosen based off of the colors of the high school for Delta. The square, sharp shape of the logo was then chosen to play off the composition of slate. This then references the name of the company, Slateview, but also the slate industry, which Delta was founded on.



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