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Taffy CSS Framework




July 2017


Design | Branding | Development

About client

Taffy is a CSS framework built using Flexbox.

Project goals

To better develop my knowledge of Flexbox development, as well as, fluid typography. Creating a framework using the BEM syntax with basic element styling to allow the user to quickly dive into a project.

Creative solutions

Taffy needed to be very flexible and simple to use, so someone could just pick it up and begin developing their project. It had to be small enough so it would still be lightweight, but also complex enough that it has almost anything someone would need when starting a project. To keep Taffy lightweight it was developed with no JavaScript dependencies or unnecessary styles. The styling that is attached to Taffy is very basic and simple, so the user can add their own styling needed for the project with ease. Taffy has multiple ways to set up a Flex grid for every situation that arises and can easily be used modularly since it is developed using Scss.

Taffy was perceived very well by those who used it. You can see some highlights of what others thought of Taffy in an article by Noupe, in a demonstrative YouTube video by easydevtips, tweeted about by Speckyboy, an online magazine for web designers, and was mentioned in a weekly article about new resources and tools for web designers.



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